Loop Music Festival

This project was completed for my senior show at the University of Wisconsin–Stout. I chose to create a new music festival based in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado. I love the environment there; the young people from that area are forward-thinking and have made great strides in green living. The location of this new festival was perfect because it would teach future generations to be more thoughtful about attending music festivals and the lifecycle of the earth. A major negative with many festivals is how much trash is produced and left behind. Loop Festival is different, because it focuses on the looping cycle of life and inspires others to look out for the planet and each other. While there is a great music lineup, the real perks of the festival come from the volunteering ticket entry, innovative water refill stations, solar-powered charging stations, and open policies that encourage good human behavior. More people need to "get in the Loop" and leave nature in better shape than what we found it in. It's the only way these events can occur in the future. View Process Book